The Vertical du Grand Serre is organized by the French Alpine Club Dauphiné Ski Alpinisme.

Article 1: Event Overview

The Vertical du Grand Serre is a test of Vertical Kilometer run in TTT. Its altitude is 1000 m exactly a horizontal distance of 1811 m ( measure approved by the cabinet, Land Surveyor based in La Mure).

Article 2: Conditions for Participation
1- Vertical du Grand Serre is open to all born before December 31, 2004 ; licensed or not. Those borned after can participate in the Youth Relay.
2- Participation in the event is subject to the compulsory presentation of a medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of running in competition. The certificate must be dated within one year from the date of the event. For licensees of a sports federation, a photocopy of the valid license is sufficient provided that the medical visa to be affixed thereto.

The presentation of the medical certificate must be preferably at the time of registration online or on site the day of the event at the time of collection of numbers.

Unlicensed participants have the opportunity to take a discovery license including insurance for the price of 5 €. Unlicensed participants not wishing to discovery license must sign a discharge.

Registration will be open until 25.09.2019 at midnight with a limit of 400 participants.

Article 3: Numbers
The number must be strictly focused on the stomach and visibly between the starting line and the finish line.
The commitment is personal. No participant may assign to a third party without consent of the organizer in advance.

Article 4: Cancellation
The organizer reserves the right to make any changes necessary to the success of the event or to cancel the event in case of force majeure (bad weather or other …).

Article 5: Entry fee
Registration fees, after race meal included, are 20 € + 1,2 € for online registration.
Registration also entitles the rider lots and buffet after the race on delivery of the number.
The amount of Discovery license is € 5.
Any subscription is firm and cannot be subject to refund.

Article 6: Insurance
The organizer is covered by a liability insurance policy (AXA Contract No. 47064589 04).Each participant must be personally insured. Licensees benefit from the guarantees granted by the insurance linked to their license. In case of an accident during the race, it is up to the individual to make the statement with its insurer and on time.
The organizer accepts no liability for lost or stolen during the event.

Article 7: Timing
Timing will be done through a detection system (on departure and arrival) of chips stuck bibs given to each competitor. All chips not given back will be charged 15 euros.

Article 8: Equipment during the race
Helmet is required and the sticks are highly recommended. Athletic shoes with tip are permitted.
Upon registration validation in the morning of the race, a bag will be given. It will contain a bib with a timing chip, welcome lots and a numbered garbage bag that will be sent to the summit by us.
This bag should contain at minimum a windbreaker jacket (upper body) to cover you at the top and depending on weather conditions on the day of the race, the organizer reserves the right to require a second layer of at least 300g (type light jacket). This bag will definitely not contain other personal items such as keys, ID, money, phone etc …

Article 9: Water supply
No water supply will be proposed.

Article 10: Career
Participants should follow the marking to climb.
During the descent, they must follow the signs in place or indications of volunteers on the ground. In no case they should borrow the ascent route at the crossing slopes or in the forest (penalties).

Article 11: Results and awards
Article 11.a

Official results will be published on the website of Race Result after the race.

Only riders present at the award ceremony will be eligible for their awards.

Article 11.b

A super bonus of 2,000 euros will be offered to the winner and whose time performed on the occasion of the 2022 edition of VGS will be less than the best world performance in effect at October 2, 2022 man and woman.

Article 12: Rights on media
Participants tacitly allow the organizer to use all communication media, including promotional materials, the images or videos taken during the event. This provision is not subject to consideration and applies to the longest period provided by law and without territorial restrictions including marketing authorizations videos and images.

Article 13: Conduct of participants
Will be excluded from all participating race that does not respect the rules or safety precautions, be imprudent, a serious mistake or used a doping product.
Will be sanctioned any unseemly behavior (aggression, contempt, etc.) to a competitor, volunteer or any other person related to the event. Furthermore the Vertical du Grand Serre occurring in the natural environment, it is forbidden to participants of littering.

Article 14: External aid
Any outside assistance to participants is prohibited.